Having a roof over your head is the most basic of human needs. Having a good roof over your head is even better.

We specialize in roofing that will protect you and your family as well as your possessions. But we also give you a great range of choices as far as color, materials and price. Our roofs come with manufacturer’s warranties and our own guarantee of quality and professional workmanship. We are licensed roofers, not handymen. If you are ever asked to pull the roofing permit you are NOT getting a professional, licensed roofer.

If your roof is leaking or if you think you might have damage from hail or wind, we will

These are the components of a typical shingle roof

Since we are licensed contractors we can repair any damage to your home, not just your roof.Often if a roof is damaged, the gutters also need to be replaced. You may have drywall inside the home that has been ruined by water leaking in. You don’t want to wait to repair this since toxic mold can grow on the surfaces and remediation can be extremely costly. Some insurance companies won’t cover the cost, so check your policy to be sure you have coverage.