The Day All Hail Broke Loose

Many of you are still cleaning up from the hailstorm that hit our area on June 6th.  Instead of just passing through, the hail lasted for up to an hour or more in some areas.  Hundreds of roofs were damaged and as usual, out-of-state roofing companies descended on our town in droves.

The hailstorm just beginning on June 6th

Unfortunately many people have been treated unethically and even scammed by disreputable roofers.  The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department and the Better Business Bureau encourage you to use local roofing companies that are licensed and insured.

We are committed to quality workmanship and materials and we will be here long after the storm chasers have packed up and left town.  Look us up at the Better Business Bureau and then call for a free estimate.


About innovaroofing

Licensed Roofer and Remodeling Contractor in Colorado Springs, CO. MBA from University of Arkansas Microsoft Certified Professional
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