Making Your Home Fire Resistant

We’ll never forget the images of the Waldo Canyon fire sweeping down the mountain and destroying 347 homes in Colorado Springs.  One of the factors in the fire spreading was cedar shake roofs and wood siding on many of the homes.

An article in the Denver Post discusses how materials play a role in protecting your home from fire:

We have always discussed options like Class A fire rated roofing materials and non-flammable stucco and composite decking materials with our customers.  It does cost more to upgrade to some of these options, but if you life in a wildfire hazard area it is definitely worth the price.  Many times insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium if you use the higher rated products.

A recently completed stucco project

Many cedar shake roofs were damaged by our recent hailstorm.  Since our local building code won’t allow replacement with wood shingles, we would be glad to give you an estimate for a new roof using Class A fire rated materials.  We are installing several right now in Colorado Springs and they are beautiful, durable and much safer if a fire threatens your neighborhood.  Call Philip at 719-651-2515 for a free estimate.

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